Exercise Induced Asthma

Ever since I can remember I have been involved in competitive sports…and ever since I could remember I have had issues breathing properly during strenuous activity.  Never once had I encountered the words…exercise induced asthma.

As I got older we caulked up the wheezing and heavy breathing to the fact that I was not built to be a runner…and I bought it. 

Everything changed on the mountain at tough mudder.  Brendon happen to mention that maybe I had exercise induced asthma or E.I.A.  Once I recovered from TM I began feverishly googling.  One call to the doctor who said yes its sounds like E.I.A. and one prescription for albuterol later and I might just be a runner.

Day 1 of albuterol was odd.  I took it 15 minutes before I began my crossfit workout.  My heart was racing.  I know I am constantly joking about needing roids…well here they were and I was not ready!!  Tomorrow I plan on taking puffs about 45 minutes before the workout as my heart beats fast enough without the steroids…overall breathing was good though!!

and I might just be a runner…holy shit!!

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